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Activated Carbon Packets

Activated Carbon Packets

Activated carbon packets also perform the same task like other desiccants. They are used to control the moisture and humidity as well as to prevent mold, mildew and other damage with the help of effective moisture absorbing capacity. Not only moisture, they are also useful in removing unstable and odor particles.

The ability to separate the gases and liquids due to the immense surface area, the activated carbon are considered as an excellent adsorbent to obtain highly effective adsorbing result.

The packets containing activated carbon are made with Tyvek & composite paper, cotton and polyester cloth material.

The amount or percentage of adsorption completely depends on the material being adsorbed. It brings amazing result in removing the odor from variety of industrial applications where packaging products may cause bad smell and bring unpleasant feeling when the packaging will get opened.

To get more powerful outcome of the adsorption, the packets containing activated carbon desiccants need to be mixed with silica gel packets that increase the ability to control both odor and moisture to great extent. This desiccant has the power to quickly adsorb the contaminated compounds and water vapors with the help of carbon molecules.

These desiccant packets are available in different sizes that can be used based on the packaging size and needs of the application. The different packets in wide range of sizes, configurations and substrates help different industries to choose the desiccant packets as per the particular application. The main purpose of using such type of desiccant packets is to maintain the effectiveness of the products or goods which are being packed.

Applications of Activated Carbon Packets:

Activated carbon packets are used in a variety of packaging applications that include:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food products
  • Electronic device packaging
  • Furniture
  • Medical equipment
  • Bulk chemical
  • Shipping containers
  • Consumer products
  • Storage of artifacts
  • Communication equipment

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