Preserving Pharmaceuticals: Oxygen Scavengers For Capsules And Tablets

Preserving Pharmaceuticals: Oxygen Scavengers For Capsules And Tablets

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily guarded with stringent regulations and compliances as products such as capsules and tablets need to be potent and effective throughout their shelf life. The presence of high levels of Oxygen in the packaging or storage or surrounding environment can damage the effectiveness or potency of viable pharmaceutical products, due to the chemical reactions that occur in pharmaceuticals, resulting in faster degradation, loss of potency, and ultimately spoilage of the product.

Oxygen absorbers can help remove oxygen from the packaging and maintain optimum levels of it inside the packaging, thus creating an oxygen-free environment that prevents oxidation and prolongs the shelf life of pharmaceutical products. Oxygen Scavengers for Capsules and Tablets help protect and preserve pharmaceuticals, keeping them safe, effective, and safe for the benefit of consumers.

Know More About Oxygen Scavengers for Capsules and Tablets

Pharmaceutical products such as tablets, gels, capsules, etc are guarded by stringent compliances and regulations as they are highly potent chemical products that are used for the therapeutic treatment for consumers and patients. These tablets and capsules are highly susceptible to varying weather and environmental conditions and lead to the growth of mold, mildew, microorganisms, contamination, and spoilage.

Thus excess moisture or oxygen content can damage or alter the chemical composition, break down the molecular structure, of the medicinal product, and make it unfit for consumption. When oxygen scavengers are used in the packaging, optimal levels are maintained to preserve pharmaceuticals and keep them effective throughout their shelf life. They are a better alternative to chemical additives, that can alter or react with tablets and capsules and damage their effectiveness.

How do Oxygen scavengers work with preserving pharmaceuticals?

Oxygen scavengers are highly absorbent materials that can absorb excess moisture, oxygen, dust, humidity, contaminants, etc from the surrounding air during packaging and storage and long transits. The material absorbs or reacts with the oxygen molecules present in the packaging to prevent oxygen from entering pharmaceutical products like capsules and tablets. This prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the pharmaceutical product, thus minimizing the risk of degradation.

Benefits of using Oxygen scavengers with pharmaceutical products

  • By reducing oxygen levels, and maintaining optimum levels needed during storage, O2 Defenders help extend the shelf life of pharmaceutical products.
  • By keeping the oxygen levels low or at optimal levels, the capsules and tablets remain stable and maintain the same level of quality over time.
  • By reducing the oxidation process, using Oxygen packets also reduces the formation of any unwanted by-products, making medicines safe to use for consumers.
  • Oxygen scavenger packets are non-toxic and are safe and USFDA-compliant to use with pharmaceutical products such as capsules and tablets.
  • They are inert which means they do not chemically react or alter the chemical composition of the medicines present in the tablets or capsules.

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