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Cargo Dry Pak

Cargo Dry Pak

Cargo dry pak is highly effective in protecting the cargo from the damage due to condensation and moisture. This desiccant is specially formulated to decrease the dew point inside the shipping and other storage containers.

They are generally the non-toxic desiccant bags which are filled with bentonite clay and calcined clay. If preventive measures are not taken, it is very obvious that products stored and transported in the containers may get spoiled due to formation of mold, mildew, rust or odor.

This desiccant also prevents the cardboard boxes to become soggy and weak as well as also helps in preventing the labels on bottles to become loose or falling off.

Such type of desiccant for shipping containers is widely used in variety of industries and applications. These include ocean and air cargo containers, long term storage units, food products shipment, metals and canned goods, cardboard packaging, etc.

They have the ability to adsorb 100% of its density in moisture as well as can provide complete moisture protection for more than 50 days. It means you can stay stress-free about your products which are transported through shipping, air or train through the long journey of number of days.

They will be received by your clients or customers without any damage or spoilage. This container desiccant is perfect for long term storage applications.

You can also take advantage of customized solution for controlling the moisture depending on the type of product, mode of transportation or storage and various other factors that may affect your products.

Benefits of using Cargo Dry Pak:

Silica gel packets are used in a variety of packaging applications that include:

  • Reduces or eliminates ‘container rain’
  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Environmentally safe
  • Slow down the formation of mold, yeast and corrosion
  • Ability to absorb and retain moisture
  • Ideal for long time storage applications

Cargo Dry Pak Applications

  • Trucks, rail, ocean, cargo and air shipping containers
  • Ideal for ships and boats for as long term storage applications
  • Protection of leather goods, textiles, shoes, food products, grains, feeds, pet foods, canned goods and bottle products
  • Protection of industrial products such as machinery, metal and paper products, auto parts.

Quantity of Cargo Dry Pak required in the Container:

  • The number of desiccant bags required to protect the cargo depends on the container’s temperature during the length of the voyage. E.g. steel coils or household removal cargo dry pak require a 15kg bag which is enough for 20 feet container.

We offer cargo dry pak in two packaging

  • 500 grams Tyvek (30 pcs per box)
  • 1500 grams Sewn Bags (10 pcs per box)

Sorbead India provides you a best way to protect your products transported in shipping containers from any kind of damage with the help of high quality Cargo dry pak available at the competitive prices. We provide this container desiccant in two types of packaging – 500 gm Tyvek bags and 1500 gm sewn bags. We focus on delivering the best possible desiccant used for transportation and storage.