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Clay Desiccant Packets

Clay Desiccant Packets

Clay desiccants are highly environmental-friendly adsorbing product which is manufactured by natural occurring minerals. As compared to other desiccants, clay has relatively more adsorption capacity for moisture, humidity or gas within the normal temperature and at the range of humidity levels.

The packets containing clay desiccants are widely effective to protect the packaging products or goods from any kind of damage occur due to moisture or humidity. The clay desiccant packets are non-dusting, non-corrosive, non-leaking and non-toxic, thus give highly effective results for moisture control.

They generally create protective shield that adsorbs the moisture within any enclosed storage area.

These packets are made with Tyvek material and meet all FDA specifications. The packets containing clay are available in variety of sizes that can be used to meet your specific requirements. You just need to select the perfect size based on the application and the size of the product packaging.

Like other desiccants, clay desiccants are also used to protect the products from moisture damage when packed in enclosed packaging box or container. Using such type of desiccants is the perfect idea to prevent moisture related issues before they begin. It is required to use desiccant packets for the products or goods that may corrode or spoil during the transportation or in packaging for a long time.

Clay desiccant can be easily regenerated at low temperature and becomes ready to reuse them for similar or other applications. Just get the right solution for protecting the product packaging from moisture damaging effects and prolong the shelf life of the products stored in a packed box, bottle or container.

Applications of Clay Desiccant Packets:

Clay desiccants are used in a variety of packaging applications that include:

  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile
  • Agriculture
  • Military equipments
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Diagnostic kits
  • Powders and vitamins

Sorbead India has years of experience of manufacturing and supplying highly qualified clay desiccant packets to the clients all across the globe. All desiccants and adsorbents are available in bulk quantity for the use in large industries. The different sizes of desiccant packets exist to fit all kinds of packaging needs.