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Desiccant Pillow Pak

Desiccant Pillow Pak

Desiccant pillow pak is used to make the food and pharmaceutical products free from moisture and toxics. It helps the sensitive drugs to keep them away from moisture, mold, odor and mildew for longer time.

Such pillow pak are available in varied sizes and configurations with the ability to adsorb the moisture, humidity, odor and gas. It is used to protect the bulk quantity of medical drugs in their multi-count packaging such as tablets and capsules contained in bottles or in other packaging. It is considered as the best moisture control solution for almost all kinds of packaging.

They are available in silica gel, clay, molecular sieve and carbon desiccant bags that can be used based on the required adsorption characteristics. They have the power to effectively adsorb the moisture in order to keep a dehydrated package environment. The desiccant Pillow Pak is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, medical diagnostics, electronics, textile and freeze dried goods industries.

The molecular sieve has the property of low vapor density that allows them to adsorb the water vapors on the surface of the beads. After reaching to the stable equilibrium state, the adsorption process stops and keeps your products moisture-free.

You can even obtain the custom blends of such pillow pak that offers more powerful outcome of adsorbing both odor and moisture for certain exceptional applications and results the moisture protection for much longer time.

Such type of desiccants is the best idea for number of uses in industrial, storage and home environments. Get the best suited desiccant based on the specific situation and preserve your products.

Technical Parameter:

Construction Tyvek Paper, Melfit non-woven, Clear view pack
Size 0.25 grams to 14 grams
Regeneration Process Yes
FDA Compliance Yes
Shelf Life & Storage Life Min 2 Years
Desiccant Type Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Activated Carbon, Clay

Benefits of using dehydrated pillow pak:

  • Flexible pouch desiccant
  • Remove moisture in the environment surroundings
  • Eliminate deterioration, meld and fungus on any product
  • Reduce odor in the packaged products
  • High adsorption capacity

Sorbead India is a supplier of desiccant Pillow Pak of ‘Desiccare Inc.’ used in different industries. These pillow paks are filled with molecular sieve beads, silica gel, clay and activated carbon desiccants. The materials used for manufacturing pillow pak are approved by USFDA standard. We offer pillow pak in bulk quantity packaged in 1 gallon can or 10 gallon container.