Sorbead India is a manufacturer of moisture absorber tablets. Desiccant tablets are ideal for blister packaging, MVTR testing, put with diagnostics kits, and electronic and consumer packaging in pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, and electronics industries.

Moisture Absorber Desiccant Tablets

Sorbead India is expertise in manufacturing superior quality desiccant tablets. Being a worldwide known manufacturer and supplier of various desiccants and adsorbents, we ensure quality products to the customers.

Desiccant tablets are used to control the moisture and humidity inside the packaging of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. It works effectively in removing the moisture from the top surface of the container or bottle when they are being packaged.

They are placed into the packaging container as an individual adsorption device. The weight and the opening area of the bottle need to be considered for the accurate amount of these adsorbing tablets to be used. These tablets are light in weight, odorless, and are available in different shapes and sizes.

Such moisture-sensitive tablets ensure to keep your medical drugs away from any damage due to moisture or humidity and help in enhancing their life of providing effective results to the patients.

Such types of desiccant tablets are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to protect the tablets and capsules from outside moisture during packaging.

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Other useful industries are nutraceuticals, medical diagnostics, military, and electronics. The adequate composition of ingredients such as amorphous silicon dioxide, Kaolin, and aluminum oxide makes this desiccant a perfect solution for moisture control.

They are formulated with highly effective molecular sieves and binders to eliminate contaminants and obtain highly positive outcomes. They can minimize the handling activity as well as reduce the exposure to the external environment conditions.

It is highly recommended to consider such adsorbing tablets for the moisture adsorption process available at the lowest possible cost. Furthermore, due to its high moisture adsorbing capability, This durable solution gives powerful results when space is important.

The high-performance desiccant in the form of tablets eliminates additional space as they are placed directly during the manufacturing process.

  • MVTR testing
  • Quick adsorption capacity
  • Highly effective than silica gel
  • High crush strength
  • Adsorb moisture over 20% of tablet weight
  • Ability to maintain the effectiveness of the products
  • Non-hazardous