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Desiccant Packets

Desiccant Packets

The wide range of desiccant packets is used to control and adsorb the moisture, humidity and gas from the packed products in order to prolong their life.

These packets are highly effective for adsorbing not only moisture, but also get great results in making the packaging odor-free by adsorbing the smell that may arise in the packed products or containers.

It is considered as the cost-effective way to keep your products protected and preserved from any damage due to moisture, mold, mildew, humidity etc.

The line of such packets includes silica get packets, molecular sieve packets, activated carbon packets and clay desiccant packets. They are used depending on their structure, weight, adsorption capacity, type of product packaging and several other factors. They are available in variety of sizes, configurations and shapes.

These different packets are mainly suitable for packaging in bulk quantity to obtain long term results for moisture protection. All packets used as an adsorbent are approved by the FDA standard. They are the best solution for handling the moisture related challenges in various industries.

These packets can be used in different industries such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, electronics, food, clothing, diagnostic kits, etc. You must determine what type of desiccant is suitable for your products and your needs by going through the valuable features and appropriateness of each desiccant pack available in the market.

You can even get the customized solution to moisture control concerns from the well-established company offering highly efficient and quality solution for adsorbing the relative moisture or humidity. You must select the right desiccant for a more successful outcome. They are designed to meet the specific packaging requirements.

Benefits of using desiccant packets:

  • High adsorption ability
  • Increase stability and shelf life of the products
  • Cost-effective way for moisture control
  • Preserve humidity sensitive products

Sorbead India is a world leader of manufacturing different types of desiccant packets and supplying them at the different corners of the world. The packets delivered by us offer excellent moisture control to deal with the adverse effects of excess humidity arises inside the packaging. Our team is always available to provide the best possible adsorption solution to meet your exact specifications.