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Food & Container Desiccants

Food & Container Desiccants

Container desiccant is considered as the most effective and safe way to keep your products away from damage that may arise from humidity & moisture attacks. The risk of damage increases when the products or goods are exported to another location through sea expedition.

The container with desiccant packets filled with clay is helpful in giving 100% protection to the products during the shipment or long journey transportation. Clay is an adsorbent which is activated by CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride) and offers excellent moisture absorbing performance.

The clay desiccants are specially designed and formulated for giving highly effective outcome of the adsorption process in shipping containers or in large storage space.

The desiccant bags or packets for containers are available in a variety of sizes and packaging material. You need to get the right container desiccant to protect your cargo from moisture and other related damage.

These desiccants are highly used in the food industry where the food items are produced and transported by storing them in the containers all across the globe. They remove the moisture or humidity that may arise inside the container closed for the long time and prevents the products from mold, mildew, corrosion and odor.

Such type of desiccant used in shipping container does not bring any side effect on food items, medicines and other products which are openly used by people. They are the ideal choice for variety of industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, furniture, textile, machinery, metal products, auto parts and many others. Get long term moisture controlling solution for sea, air, truck and rail shipping containers.

Benefits of Container Desiccant:

  • Cost-effective way to protect cargo from moisture
  • Transport goods without any ‘Container Rain’ threat
  • Available in different sizes and dimensions
  • Completely safe and easy to handle
  • FDA approved
  • Anti-leakage

Sorbead India provides container desiccant for protecting the shipping containers containing different products or goods from any kind of damage from moisture or humidity. Such desiccants offered by us are USFDA approved and has the ability to absorb up to 100% of its own density in moisture. They are highly effective in keeping the products dry, safe and protected for more than 50 days.