Pharmaceutical Coils


SORBEAD INDIA is an official dealer and supplier of Pharmaceutical Coils of CAROLINA, which are used for packaging tablets. These Coils confirm stability of the pharmaceutical products while shipping and storage.

These Pharmaceutical Coils can be available in various sizes at affordable prices. Pharmaceutical coil is felt mostly during stability in shipping and storing of ethical and generic pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and food products. Coils have a special features like safe, risk free, easy to use and space filler.

It’s commonly used in packaging of tablets. Using coils tablets are not broken in bottles at the time of exports.

Sorbead India is Carolina’s authorized distributors of “Carolina Adsorbents”, for cotton, polyester and rayon coils:

Features of RAYON Coil:

  • Man-made fiber (cellulose)
  • Uniform fiber length
  • Cuts or tears easily
  • Moisture content is 11%
  • Biodegradable

Features of COTTON Coil:

  • Natural fiber
  • Cuts easily
  • Moisture content is 8.0%
  • Generates a dry atmosphere inside the bottle
  • Biodegradable

Features of POLYESTER Coil:

  • Man-made fiber (cellulose)
  • Uniform fiber length
  • Non-fluorescent
  • Non-absorbent – will not introduce moisture or extract moisture from the bottle
  • Moisture content is 1%
  • Used in soft-gel capsule bottles