Importance of Desiccants pharmaceutical packaging

The primary packaging of medicines is the most important step in the pharmaceutical packaging process. Products such as tablets, capsules, powders, and other medicines deserve effective protection during storage and transportation with the help of desiccants. Desiccants in pharmaceutical companies play a vital role in primary medicine packaging and avoid moisture, oxygen, and odour damage. Primary packaging is termed the first layer or coating of protection for medicines.

Desiccants are also used in primary medical products such as diagnostic kits, injectables, and other healthcare packaging. They are potent to protect such products and retain the product’s integrity for a certain time.

There are various types of desiccants available for the pharma companies for effective pharmaceutical packaging of medicines and products in the market today. Hence, some are effective, and some are not. The effectiveness of the desiccants is compared with the different absorption rates. The absorption capacities differ as their shapes and sizes differentiate them. Desiccants with the smallest pore size have less absorption capacity, and with the increase in pore sizes, the absorption also increases simultaneously. 

Therefore, keep your medicines safe and secure with our pharmaceutical packaging solutions. Our desiccant-based packaging is ideal for pharma companies, providing a secure and reliable way to store and distribute drugs. Choose the desiccants today for long-term protection of your medicines.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Desiccants are moisture-absorbing materials that protect pharmaceuticals and other products from moisture damage during storage and transportation. They prevent moisture-related issues like clumping, degradation, and growth of bacteria or mould.

Silica gel, molecular sieves, activated carbon, and clay are the most commonly used desiccants in the pharmaceutical industry.

Desiccants should be placed inside the packaging to absorb any moisture affecting the product's quality. The amount of desiccant used should be based on the package size and moisture levels.

The amount of desiccant needed depends on several factors, including the volume and surface area of the product, the packaging material, the relative humidity levels, and the desired shelf life. Working with a qualified desiccant supplier is important to determine the appropriate amount for a specific product.

Desiccants help to protect the product from moisture damage, which can reduce the risk of product spoilage, extend the shelf life, and maintain product efficacy. They also improve product stability and ensure that the product meets the required standards for quality and safety.

Pharmaceutical Desiccants for Healthcare Packaging

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