Silica Gel Canister for Pharma Industries in 6 Easy Steps

Silica Gel Canister for Pharma Industries in 6 Easy Steps

The canisters are the most miniature HDPE containers filled with silica gel, molecular sieves, or carbon and even their combinations. The material of these canisters is food-grade approved and DMF grade with 21 CFR & EU compliance. However, depending on the nature of the product and its use, the type of canisters and the capacity required varies.

The desiccant helps to retain the product's freshness and keeps it free from any damage due to temperature changes. Products like pharmaceuticals and vitamins are exposed to moisture, the risk of shortening their typical shelf-life. The canisters are widely preferred in the pharmaceutical industry, because of the rigid design they are ideal for automatic and high-speed insertion in pharmaceutical packaging. 

The material used in manufacturing the canisters meets all the standards for direct contact with food and drugs. The canister's distinctive shape differentiates them from tablets and capsules, preventing accidental ingestion.

The unique shape and size of the silica gel desiccant canisters can vary according to the requirements of different moisture solutions. They are available in two different types of labelled and printed, ranging from 0.5 gm to 3 gm. Silica gel canisters ensure the product's integrity, offering 100% quality control. However, the distinctive nature of the desiccant canisters safeguards the pharmaceutical tablets, capsules and other essentials.

6 easy steps:

  1. Silica gel canisters are considered the foremost option in pharmaceutical packaging companies.
  2. Silica gel is an effective drying agent, suitable for various products and canisters best for medicines.
  3. The canisters are non-toxic and flexible to use with different medicines and food products.
  4. It gradually increases the shelf-life of the medicines and is also the reason for retaining the freshness and effectiveness of the product.
  5. It has successfully undergone all the FDA standards; it can be used in close contact with any food and pharmaceutical item.
  6. The silica gel canisters are small and cylindrical shaped, which can be quickly filled in any size or shape of a container.

The Important Role Desiccant Canisters Play in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical sector, packaging with desiccant canisters plays a crucial role. Most pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging companies generally opt for desiccant canisters, whether dental, herbal, diagnostic or veterinary. During the packaging process, the canisters are inserted into the bottles and containers, to ensure that the product is not affected by moisture, mildew and micro-organisms. 

The presence of moisture in the pharma bottles and containers adversely affects the medicines' quality and efficacy. In some cases, moisture can also cause irreversible chemical and physical changes and be poisonous. Thus, this is the reason why most pharmaceutical packaging companies prefer to use desiccant canisters. They protect the medicines from excess moisture and humidity reactions.

Why only desiccant canisters? The canisters have a high capacity and speed for adsorbing moisture and preventing humidity. Therefore, just because of this feature, they have been the best option for medicines for the past few years. 

The desiccant canisters are small and cylindrical shaped, stuffed with highly active drying agents. The unique design of the canister allows it to insert in a smaller space. They have tiny holes, through which the moisture inside the bottles and containers is adsorbed. Canisters can be used continuously with packed pharmaceutical products.


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