The Role of Pharma Desiccants in Preventing Damage During Delayed Shipping

The Role of Pharma Desiccants in Preventing Damage During Delayed Shipping

Pharmaceutical products are potent, important, and essential products that need to be safeguarded during packaging, storage, and transportation to preserve and maintain their efficiency throughout their shelf life and reaching their end user. So when it comes to efficient packaging solutions that can be used for this, pharma desiccants emerge as the best suitable option that provides sustainable, affordable, and durable packaging for pharma products.

Pharma desiccants play a crucial role in preventing damage to pharmaceutical products during shipping and delays, especially in crisis situations that can see unexpected delays or cancellations. These highly efficient moisture-absorbing materials, such as silica gel, molecular sieve, and clay, are used in the packaging of pharmaceutical products to protect them from moisture, which can cause physical and chemical changes, compromising the pharmaceutical product's quality and safety.

Pharma desiccants help maintain product stability, extend and maintain shelf life, and reduce the risk of spoilage during shipping or delays during transit, making the material suitable for optimum pharmaceutical packaging by effectively controlling moisture, heat, contaminants, dust, humidity, microorganisms, etc.

Understanding the impact of delayed shipping on pharmaceutical products

Delays in shipping due to any unexpected mishaps, or turn of events such as the Truckers strike and Red Sea Crossing crisis, can have significant consequences on patient care, product quality, and business operations.

Delayed shipping of pharmaceuticals can harm their quality and safety. Moisture is the main cause, leading to altered chemical compositions of many medicinal products and formulations, and compromised stability, texture, and efficiency. This can diminish their therapeutic value and make the medications less effective or unfit for consumption.

Shipping and cargo delays can cause issues due to expiration dates for pharmaceuticals that are not subjective and delays can lead to patients missing out on essential medication leading to wastage in pharma products, leading to dissatisfied customers, increased costs, and disruptions in the supply chain.

Delays in shipping can also cause many regulatory or compliance issues that make it difficult for pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies to plan for future supply needs and well-being of their patients.

Preserving pharmaceutical integrity and safeguarding sensitive pharma goods

Pharmaceutical products are vulnerable to environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. Pharma desiccants absorb excess moisture to maintain their stability and efficacy. This is crucial for maintaining their potency, effectiveness, chemical composition, and integrity.

Pharma desiccants reduce humidity levels to prevent any detrimental chemical reactions, degradation, and microbial growth in pharmaceutical products that are common damage causing factors during long durations of storage or transit.

They use materials like silica gel or molecular sieves, in the form of sachets, canisters, or specially designed packaging to capture any excess water vapor, humidity, heat, dust, and moisture to create a controlled microenvironment during shipping and storage. In case of extended transit times or unexpected delays like the Truckers strike and Red Sea Crossing crisis.

Different pharmaceutical products such as solid dosage forms like tablets or capsules, and liquid formulations like syrups or IV fluids, respond to moisture in diverse ways. Thus Pharma desiccants address this diversity by offering tailored solutions, ensuring that the unique needs of each product type are met which are essential and critical for protecting the broad spectrum of sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Pharma desiccants have helped save goods worth 100,000,000$ and helped protect and save numerous products across varied industries from damage due to moisture and other environmental factors, during the recent challenges posed by the Truck drivers' protest and the Red Sea crisis.

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