Pharmaceutical Coil

Pharmaceutical Coil

Biodegradable Pharmaceutical coil for drug damage control

Pharmaceutical Desiccants is the official supplier of Pharmaceutical Coils from ‘CAROLINA’, used in bottle packaging. These pharma damage control coils confirm the stability of the pharmaceutical products while shipping and storage.

Pharmaceutical Coils are available in various sizes at affordable prices. A coil is felt mostly during stability in shipping and storing of ethical and generic pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and food products. Additionally, coils have special features like safe, risk-free, easy to use, and space filler and are of USP grade.

It’s commonly used in tablets & capsule bottle packaging. Using coils, the medicine can retain their shape during shipping.

  • The weight of the coil is per 1 yard length, the higher the weight, the thicker the coil.
  • Standards sizes of the coils are 9gm, 12gm & 16gm.
  • All the coils meet the USP and EP standards.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Pharmaceutical coils are small, tightly-wound strips or spirals made of absorbent materials that are used to hold liquid medications or other solutions.

Pharmaceutical coils are used to dispense and deliver precise doses of medications in a controlled and consistent manner.

Pharmaceutical coils are typically made of absorbent materials such as cotton, rayon, or polyester, which are coated with a liquid solution or medication.

Pharmaceutical coils offer several advantages over traditional methods of medication delivery, including improved accuracy and consistency of dosing, reduced waste and contamination, and increased convenience for patients.

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