Activated Carbon Canister

Activated Carbon Canister

Activated carbon is the best odour-controlling desiccant, which is generally preferred for pharma tablets and capsule bottles. The desiccant canister can be dropped in through any smallest bottle opening. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

An activated carbon canister is a small device filled with activated carbon that is used to absorb and neutralize odours in healthcare packaging.

Activated carbon works by adsorbing and neutralizing odourous molecules in the air, effectively removing them from the surrounding environment.

Activated carbon canisters are commonly used to control odours in a variety of healthcare packaging applications, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic products.

The lifespan of an activated carbon canister depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the canister, the number of odours it is exposed to, and the specific type of activated carbon used. However, they typically last several months or a year.

Yes, activated carbon canisters are generally considered safe for use in healthcare packaging. However, it is important to follow proper handling and disposal procedures to ensure that they are used safely and effectively.

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