Humidity Indicator Card

Humidity Indicator Card

HIC For Barrier Packaging

Humidity indicator card help in indicating moisture. The desiccants serve a wider array of applications than computers, electronics, and military products. The moisture indicator cards are rigid paper with “Relative Humidity” reading cards, reversible and without cobalt dichloride. They are applied in the packaging and provides a visual test of the humidity level within the packaging. The moisture indicator card are being able to indicate the rate of humidity from 5% to 95%, totally depending on the application. However, if the humidity level is too high then it's time to replace the desiccant and verify the quality of the product, has not been altered. Therefore, it is always advisable that the humidity indicator cards should be combined with desiccants, in any application.

What to do if you want to view the level of humidity present in your product packaging? Humidity indicating card is available to find out the humidity conditions for a variety of barrier packaging. They are generally kept inside dry vacuum-packed blockade bags that help you to check the inside humidity.

These cards are often used in conjunction with the desiccant so that you can use the right moisture and humidity adsorption solution based on the recorded humidity condition.

It helps in obtaining a complete environmental control system. The humidity level can be easily checked when the spots turn from blue to pink color.

Humidity indicating card enable you to benefit from a reliable and visual sign of humidity inside the sealed package.

It prevents damage to sensitive equipment such as semiconductors, military devices, etc.

The changing color will help you to indicate the percentage of humidity present in the packaging. Humidity can be measured from 5% to 60%, complies with MS 20003-2. These cards are reversible.

You are advised to keep these cards in a dry and cool environment. If it gets exposed in the open air before use and its color gets changed into pink, HI Cards must keep it drying at 100 degrees Celsius until it turns blue.

You also need to change the desiccant if the sealed container is opened three times before using. These cards are mostly used in bulk packaging where the chance of humidity increases.

8% 2*1.5 500 Quart Can 1 51
5%-15% 3*2 125 Pint Can .5 30
5%-60% 3*2 125 Pint Can .5 30
10%-30% 2.75*1.5 125 Pint Can .5 30
20%-40% 3*2 125 Pint Can .5 30
30%-50% 3*2 125 Pint Can .55 30
10%-40% 3.375*1.5 100 Pint Can .44 26
10%-60% 4.5*1.5 200 Quart Can .86 50
  • Highly efficient to point out the level of humidity in different barrier packaging
  • Low cost humidity indicating solution
  • Often use in combination with a desiccant
  • Useful in packaging of several products such as electronics, optical instrument, sensitive components etc
  • Reversible

Frequently Asked Questions ?

A humidity indicator card (HIC) is a small card that is used to measure the relative humidity level in a sealed environment. The card contains a moisture-sensitive chemical that changes colour based on the humidity level.

Humidity indicator cards offer several benefits, including providing a visual indication of the humidity level in a sealed environment, helping to ensure the quality and integrity of moisture-sensitive products, and providing a cost-effective way to monitor the humidity level.

Humidity indicator cards work by using a moisture-sensitive chemical, such as cobalt chloride or silica gel, that changes colour based on the humidity level in the surrounding environment. The card will change colour from blue to pink when exposed to high levels of moisture.

The choice of humidity indicator card depends on the specific needs and requirements of the application or product being monitored. Different types of moisture-sensitive chemicals are used in humidity indicator cards, each with its advantages and disadvantages. It's important to select the appropriate card based on the humidity range, accuracy requirements, and other factors that are critical to the application.

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