Molecular Sieve Canister

Molecular Sieve Canister

Molecular sieve beads filled in canisters are perfect for pharmaceuticals, preventing moisture and its effects on the products. The sieves keep the product packaging dry for longer and ensure enhanced shelf life. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

A molecular sieve canister is a type of desiccant container used in pharmaceutical packaging to protect drugs and other products from moisture damage. It contains a desiccant made of zeolites, which are highly porous materials that can absorb and trap moisture from the air.

Molecular sieve canisters provide superior moisture protection for pharmaceutical products, helping to prevent degradation, spoilage, and loss of efficacy. They are highly effective at reducing humidity levels and maintaining product stability, even in high-moisture environments.

Molecular sieve canisters work by adsorbing water molecules from the surrounding air. The zeolite desiccant inside the canister has a high surface area and a strong affinity for water, allowing it to trap and hold onto moisture until it is removed or saturated.

Any pharmaceutical product that is sensitive to moisture, such as tablets, capsules, powders, and injectables, can benefit from the use of molecular sieve canisters. They are also useful for protecting sensitive medical devices and diagnostic products.

Yes, molecular sieve canisters are safe and non-toxic. They are made from natural materials and are free of harmful chemicals or additives. They are also compliant with all relevant regulatory standards and requirements for pharmaceutical packaging.

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