Molecular Sieve Unit Pak

Molecular Sieve Unit Pak

Large quantities of Desiccants help preserve pharma products more efficiently. As the amount of products increases, the size of the desiccant bags increases simultaneously. As a result, molecular sieves make pharma products more stable and enhance their shelf life. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

A molecular sieve unit pak is a type of desiccant packet that uses molecular sieve material to absorb moisture and other impurities from the air.

Molecular sieve unit pak have high moisture adsorption capacity, making them highly effective in protecting products from moisture damage. They also have low dust emissions making them suitable for use in sensitive applications.

Molecular sieve unit pak is commonly used in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diagnostics, and other sensitive products that can be damaged by moisture.

If your product is sensitive to moisture and requires protection from moisture damage, then you should consider using a molecular sieve unit pak. You can consult with our experts to determine the appropriate desiccant solution for your product.

Molecular sieve unit pak can be inserted into product packaging or sealed containers to maintain a low low-humidity environment. The appropriate size and quantity of pak will depend on the specific application and packaging configuration.

Yes, molecular sieve unit pak is safe for use with food and pharmaceutical products. They are made from inert, non-toxic materials that are approved for use in direct contact with food and drugs.

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