Pillow Pak Desiccant

Pillow Pak

Silica Gel Moisture Absorber-Pillow Pak For Pharmaceutical product

Pharmaceutical Desiccants is a worldwide supplier of Pillow Pak desiccant from 'Desiccare Inc.'. The moisture absorbing packets are filled with silica gel, molecular sieve, clay and activated carbon desiccants, which are solutions to several damages. All the materials used in manufacturing pillow pak are USFDA -approved. We offer pillow pak desiccant in bulk quantity packaged in 1 gallon can or 10-gallon container.

The moisture absorbing packets preserve food and pharmaceutical products from moisture and relative humidity (RH). Additionally, it helps the sensitive drugs to keep them away from moisture, mould, odour and mildew for a longer time

Desiccare pillow pak are available in various sizes and configurations to adsorb moisture, humidity, odour and gas. These desiccants protect the bulk quantity of medical drugs in their multi-count packaging, such as tablet and capsule bottles. It is considered the best moisture control solution for almost all kinds of packaging.

Pillow Pak can absorb moisture to keep the packaging dry for longer. The desiccants are widely appreciated in pharmaceutical, food, medical diagnostics, electronics, textile and freeze-dried goods industries.

The moisture absorbing packets are filled with 'molecular sieves' has the property of low vapour density that allows them to adsorb moisture on the surface of the beads. After reaching the stable equilibrium state, the adsorption process stops and keeps your products moisture-free.

You can even obtain the custom blends of such pillow pak desiccant that offer a more effective outcome of adsorbing both odour and moisture for certain applications and results in protection for a much longer time.

This type of moisture absorbing packets are also ideal for several uses in industrial, storage and home environments. So, get the best-suited desiccants based on the specific situation and preserve your products.

Construction Tyvek Paper, Melfit non-woven, Clear view pack
Size 0.25 grams to 14 grams
Regeneration Process Yes
FDA Compliance Yes
Shelf Life & Storage Life Min 2 Years
Desiccant Type Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Activated Carbon, Clay


• Best moisture resistance

• Inertness to most chemicals

• Outstanding porous microbial barrier

• Non-leaching & odourless

• Best sachets for eliminating moisture, humidity, mould & odour


• Tyvek paper packaging

• Low moisture permeability

• Non-Tearable

• High absorption capacity

• Small composed pouches of high-quality desiccant


• Pharmaceuticals

• Nutraceuticals

• Textile Industry

• Food Industry

• Electronic Industry

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Pillow Pak desiccants are small, moisture-absorbing packets commonly used in packaging to protect products from the damaging effects of moisture. They are designed to fit inside packages and help maintain low humidity levels to prevent products from degradation, spoilage, or loss of potency.

Pillow Pak desiccants contain a moisture-absorbing material, such as silica gel or molecular sieve, that attracts and traps moisture from the surrounding environment. As the moisture is absorbed, the desiccant gradually changes colour or weight, indicating when to replace or recharge the packet.

Yes, Pillow Pak desiccants are safe for use with food and pharmaceutical products. They are made from food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade materials and are designed to meet stringent quality and safety standards.

The lifespan of a Pillow Pak desiccant depends on several factors, including the size of the packet, the level of humidity in the environment, and the type of material used in the desiccant. Most Pillow Pak desiccants are designed to last several months to a year before needing replacement or recharging.

Pillow Pak desiccants are typically designed with an indicator that changes colour or weight as it absorbs moisture. This allows users to easily monitor the desiccant and determine when it needs to be replaced or recharged.

Pillow Pak desiccants can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual products or applications. This can include adjusting the size or shape of the packet, selecting a specific type of moisture-absorbing material, or developing custom packaging solutions.

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