Unit Pak

Unit Pak

Moisture resistance Unit Pak Desiccants

Pharmaceutical Desiccants supplying high-quality Desiccare Inc. Unit Pak desiccants worldwide to offer the best possible adsorption solution to a range of packaging products used in different industries. All unit pak are entirely approved as per the FDA standards. The term unit refers to approximately one ounce that sets the level of adsorbing the humidity based on the percentage of its weight.

Moisture resistance packets are the bulk quantity of desiccant packets, that adsorb moisture and humidity from the enclosed packaging. It is just like a big structure of pillow pak.

The desiccants such as silica gel, molecular sieves, clay and activated carbon are filled in unit pak, which are perfectly packaged in Tyvek paper material to obtain better results.

Unit Pak desiccant can used in packaging such as, pharmaceutical, food, clothing, electronics and medical diagnostic products. We aim to provide you the best quality unit pak to prolong your product’s shelf life.

Desiccant means removing or adsorbing a high level of moisture from packed products and the same you need the appropriate quantity of units. In case of more humidity and less quantity of unit pak desiccant, it may lead to some damage to the product such as corrosion, mould or mildew.

So, it would rather be helpful to you if you considered the level of relative humidity (RH) and unit pak quantity before using this desiccant for your product. It provides you with the best dehydrating solution for every type of packaging used in various applications.

Such unit pak desiccants are suitable to meet or exceed the MIL-Spec 3464, Type I & II. However, the main purpose of using unit pak is to keep your product away from moisture and leading to corrosion and other damage.

These unit pak are widely appreciated as the desiccants that protect and preserve your products from moisture, odour, oxygen and mechanical damages. Therefore, the unit pak are used to provide high-quality protection to your products without any damage or wear & tear.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

A Unit Pak desiccant is a small, single-use moisture absorber packet that is designed to protect products from moisture-related damage during shipping and storage. The Unit Pak desiccant is manufactured by Desiccare, Inc.

The Unit Pak desiccant contains a moisture-absorbing material, such as silica gel or clay, that absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment. As the desiccant absorbs moisture, it changes colour, indicating when it has reached its absorption capacity and needs to be replaced.

Unit Pak desiccants offer several benefits, including protecting products from moisture damage, extending product shelf life, reducing product returns and rejections, and ensuring product quality and integrity. They are also easy to use and cost-effective.

The lifespan of a Unit Pak desiccant depends on several factors, including the level of humidity in the environment, the size of the desiccant packet, and the type of material used in the desiccant. Most Unit Pak desiccants are designed to last for several months before needing replacement.

Yes, Desiccare offers custom Unit Pak desiccant solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of individual products or applications. This can include adjusting the size or shape of the packet, selecting a specific type of moisture-absorbing material, or developing custom packaging solutions.

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