Desiccant Tablet

Desiccant Tablet

Desiccant Tablet for MVTR testing

Pharmaceutical Desiccants are experts in manufacturing superior-quality Moisture Absorber Desiccant tablets. Being a worldwide known manufacturer and supplier of various sustainable packaging and moisture solutions to the healthcare industry.

Moisture Absorber desiccant tablets inside the pharmaceutical packaging. The tablets are also utilised in MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) testing. The desiccant tablets work effectively by testing the moisture levels from the top surface of the bottle when they are being packaged. They are placed into the packaging bottles as individual adsorbents.

Desiccant tablets are lightweight, and odourless, and are available in different sizes. Such desiccants ensure to keep your medicines are safe from getting poisonous due to moisture and help in retaining their shelf life for providing effective results to the patients.

The desiccant tablets are formulated with highly porous molecular sieves and binders to eliminate contaminants and obtain highly positive outcomes. They can minimize the handling activity as well as reduce exposure to external environmental conditions.

The Moisture Absorber Desiccant tablets are available at the lowest possible cost. Furthermore, these desiccants are a durable solution and provide better results.

The high-performance desiccant tablet eliminates additional space as they are placed directly during the manufacturing process.

  • MVTR testing
  • Quick adsorption capacity
  • Highly effective than silica gel
  • High crush strength
  • Adsorb moisture over 20% of tablet weight
  • Ability to maintain the effectiveness of the products
  • Non-hazardous

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Desiccant tablets are small, compressed tablets made from various desiccant materials such as silica gel, activated carbon, or molecular sieves. They are used to absorb moisture and prevent it from damaging pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other sensitive products.

A desiccant is a substance used to absorb moisture from the air and the surrounding environment. It is commonly used in packaging to prevent moisture damage to products such as electronics, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Desiccant tablets are usually made of various types of silica gel, which is a porous and granular form of silicon dioxide. The silica gel is then compressed into small, solid tablets that can absorb moisture and reduce humidity in the surrounding environment. Other materials such as molecular sieves or clay can also be used to make desiccant tablets.

Desiccant tablets are commonly used in MVTR testing for blister packs of drugs to determine the moisture vapour transmission rate of the packaging. They are placed inside the blister pack along with the drug product and then the entire package is subjected to control temperature and humidity conditions. The desiccant tablet helps to maintain a low humidity level, allowing accurate measurement of the MVTR in the blister pack.

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