Keep a Check on Your Store's Environment with Humidity Indicating Cards

Moisture is the biggest enemy of any sensitive product, like metal or electronic items. So, to ensure the products safety of the products, it is important to check the atmospheric conditions of the place where the product has to be stored. This is not only the best rather the cheapest way to know about the atmospheric humidity. Moisture is not the only time when the product has moisture danger. Even while transporting, any item can easily come in contact with atmospheric moisture, and many lose their originality. There are various products in the market which help to absorb moisture from the environment. But how may someone know which desiccant to use in different humidity situations? Check the atmospheric humidity with humidity indicator cards and then use the appropriate desiccant. 

Now, the question arises what are the indicator cards made up of, which makes them so efficient that they can analyze the amount of humidity in the atmosphere. The cards have a layer of cobalt chloride solution mixed carefully to change their colour from blue to various shades of magenta, red to pink. These cards are not made to indicate the exact amount of moisture in the environment. Still, they can efficiently tell the range of maximum possibility of humidity present in the container. For example, if a card indicates 10%- 60% of moisture if the dots' colours are deep blue, then you can be sure that the humidity is below 10%. It is very important for many products that the humidity level stays below 40% because the basic corrosion or rusting activity will never happen in this range.  

These humidity indicating cards are used for various purposes like storing your wedding dress heirloom, electronic items, computer products, old photographs, personal items and many more. Apart from this, it is also used to store optical instruments, bilk packaging and preserve sensitive components. It is also used in bulk to pack dry products like various semiconductors and electronic items. The advantage of using this humidity indicator card is that it is very easy and a fast moisture monitoring tool. If required, it can also be customized. There are two types of humidity indicating cards cobalt-free cards and cobalt cards. Both people mostly use cobalt cards because of their moisture indicating technique is more appropriate and accurate.