Effective Moisture Damage Control With Absorbent Coils For Tablets & Capsule Bottle Packaging

Effective Moisture Damage Control With Absorbent Coils For Tablets & Capsule Bottle Packaging

When it comes to safeguarding and preserving the efficiency, potency, and shelf life of many pharmaceutical products such as tablets & capsules, it is essential to keep them in optimum packaging and storage conditions. Excess moisture or changing humidity levels can greatly affect the potency of these drugs and make them ineffective or unfit for use.

Absorbent coils for tablets & capsule bottle packaging are highly adsorbent materials that can effectively adsorb excess moisture and contaminants from the surrounding air during long durations of packaging, storage, or transportation. They are designed to protect the contents of the bottle from moisture damage, which can affect the quality and efficacy of the products.

Absorbent coils work by absorbing any moisture created inside the bottle, creating a dry environment that helps to maintain the freshness and stability of the products during storage and transportation. There are different types of absorbent pharmaceutical coils available in the market, including cottonrayon, and polyester, you can choose the best suitable absorbent coils according to the product you are packaging and the environmental conditions.

Learn about Absorbent Coils for tablets & capsule bottle packaging

USP Grade Coil Absorbent coils protect bottles from moisture damage by absorbing and trapping excess humidity, protecting sensitive pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products from environmental factors that could compromise their quality.

These high quality adsorbent coils, are made from a range of advanced materials such as polymers and natural fibers, that can effectively adsorb a lot of moisture content due to their highly porous structure. There are three common types of absorbent coils available in the market: cotton, rayon, and polyester, and each type has its unique properties and benefits.

Condensation can form in bottles during long storage and transportation durations, and can damage the drugs such as tablets &capsules by deodorizing, oxidizing, and discoloring them due to temperature fluctuations and external moisture.

Types of Absorbent Coils for tablets & capsule bottle packaging

There are many different types of absorbents on the market. Each type is designed to meet different packaging requirements and has its benefits and properties. Let us see the types of absorbent coils that are mainly used for tablets and capsule packaging in bottles.

Cotton coils for tablets and capsule packaging

Since cotton is a natural material, this variety comes under the natural and eco-friendly coil materials that are mainly made from eco-friendly sources like cotton or other plant fibers. These natural absorbent materials are known for their eco-friendliness, and they meet all the needs and compliances of eco-friendly packaging. Though natural fiber coils are slightly slower in the absorption process, they are well-suited for extended moisture retention and go for longer durations.

Cotton is a natural, biodegradable fiber that is highly absorbent and thus can be used in the packaging of medicinal products, that need to be efficient and potent throughout their shelf life. Pharma products such as tablets and capsules need to be protected from the detrimental factors such as moisture, dust, humidity, and heat, to maintain their potency.

They are non-toxic and inert in nature and thus won’t interfere with or alter the medication composition, also Cotton coils are soft and won’t scratch or damage delicate pills. Cotton coils absorb moisture naturally and are biodegradable, making them perfect for tablets and capsules, and a sustainable moisture absorbing solution for pharmaceutical packaging. 

Rayon coils for tablets and capsule packaging

Rayon is another synthetic fiber that offers similar absorbance as cotton, but with the added benefit of being softer and less prone to tearing. Because of the slightly denser nature when compared to the cotton coil of rayon coils, they are better suited for larger bottle packaging.

Rayon is a filler coil material that is used as a container filler inside a bottle or container during transit and used with numerous pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, dry medicines, etc. Unlike some synthetic materials, rayon does not have the same biodegradability as cotton, but is still more sustainable. It is less absorbent than cotton, but offers some moisture protection.

Though they are made of synthetic materials, these coils have exceptional moisture-absorbing properties. They help with rapid absorption of moisture in the packaging and retention of absorbed moisture without damaging the potent medicinal product’s form, potency, or texture. 

Polyester coils for tablets and capsule packaging

These coils are made of synthetic materials and are highly effective in absorbing moisture. The Polyester material is a petroleum-based, non-fluorescent material that is odorless, soft, low moisture, and resilient, thus can be used in a lot of applications to store, protect, and maintain potency of drugs from moisture related damage.

The polyster material offers superior absorption capacity and is perfect for very sensitive pills or difficult storage conditions. It is ideal for applications where quick absorption and retention is essential. Though, Polyester coils retain very little moisture and are ideal for soft gel capsules that are prone to moisture build-up.

Polymer based coils, unlike fiber cotton coil or rayon, polyester does not biodegrade, making it less eco-friendly, and are known for their versatility and are compatible with many formulations, providing a one-size-fits-all moisture control solution.

5 Benefits of using Absorbent Coils for tablets & capsule bottle packaging

  • Absorbent coil materials provide excellent moisture protection, and absorb moisture created inside the bottle, ensuring a dry environment that helps maintain the freshness and stability of the products. They help in controlling and absorbing the excess moisture inside the packaging. The moisture control plays an important role in protecting tablets and capsules from decay, keeping them active and structurally sound.


  • In addition to moisture control, the absorbent coils also play an important role in contamination prevention. They have high barrier properties and can prevent external elements from entering the coils, protecting the contents from spoilage due to many detrimental factors such as moisture, heat, dust, microorganisms, contamination, and varying humidity levels.


  • Cotton coils are natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly, making them an environmentally friendly option for packaging to effectively absorb and trap moisture to prevent structural or functional damage to the tablets and capsules during long durations of packaging, storage, and transit.


  • Absorbent cotton coils are safe, inert, and non-toxic, ensuring that the contents of the bottle are not contaminated, and do not lead to any chemical or structural changes to the tablets and capsules that are encased.


  • By controlling moisture, coils allow tablets and capsules to retain their potency and stability longer, increasing their shelf life and decreasing waste. Regular moisture control prevents deterioration, discoloration and clumping, keeping your pills in top condition throughout their shelf life.

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of different Absorbent Coils for tablets & capsule bottle packaging that are only made with high quality in mind and provide moisture-absorption solution for your specific pharmaceutical packaging needs in mind. 

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