Desiccants For Pharmaceutical And Laboratory Products

Desiccants For Pharmaceutical And Laboratory Products

Moisture or water may have an integral significance in the human body but this very thing can be a problem in many industrial sectors. There are a number of industries where the manufactured products need to be kept away from water or moisture. The necessity is largely seen in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries where the quality of the products or medicines holds the uttermost importance. Any connection with the moisture may cause damage in the effectiveness of the medicines this is why all the manufactured products need to be packaged properly.

And another disadvantage of water or humidity effect is that there are many medications that contain ingredients that cause reaction with water and form completely a different compound. This sort of reaction may be harmful to health at times. So, it is quite obvious that water effects must be prevented but the concern is how? Keeping the moisture effect aside from the products is not an easy job.

The answer to this concern is desiccant tablets. These capsules are used in order to prevent moisture effects inside the packaging of the medicines. It works fine in eliminating the moisture effects from the top surface of the container or package. These capsules are not mixed with the medicines or powders. These are used as a separate adsorption device that adsorbs moisture according to its capability. Now, what is the capability of these capsules? It depends on the size of the capsules. And most importantly, at the time of using those capsules, the weight and the open area of the container or package must be considered because the size of the desiccants will be determined by these two things.

Some of the attributes of these capsules are; are colorless and odorless substances that don’t cause any reaction with the ingredients of the medicines or chemical products. These qualities ensure the longevity and quality of the products and also increase the shelf life. And besides, these qualities ensure the better health of the consumers. As for the sizes and shapes, there are a number of options available and can be customized according to the need of the client. These types of desiccants are best for pharmaceutical & laboratory products. Industries other than pharmaceutical or chemical, the application of these capsules is now widely seen among many other industries like nutraceuticals, electronics, medical diagnostics, etc.

Ingredients that make these capsules more effective are; amorphous, silicon dioxide, silica gel, aluminum oxide, kaolin, etc. Furthermore, applying these tablets is also a very cost-effective solution that has attracted lots of other industries in using them. Some of the advantages of these capsules are; these are quick adsorbent and adsorb almost 20% moisture of the tablets’ body weight. These are more useful than silica gel and have high crush strength.

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