Use Of Puritan Cotton Coils For Preservation Purposes

Use Of Puritan Cotton Coils For Preservation Purposes

In the pharmaceutical industry, it is a known fact that puritan cotton is one of the best absorbers of moisture. Almost every bottle that contains moisture sensitive medicines is provided with a layer of this cotton just below the cap and above the contents.

Every puritan cotton coil that is used to protect pharmaceuticals must be specially chosen and the exact amount of cotton coil that is required must be ascertained carefully.

Carolina Cotton Fibre Coils are specially chosen to withstand the moisture that can enter a bottle or a capsule and alter its composition. It is important to create a completely dry atmosphere when the packing procedure is underway. It is an established fact that this cotton coil is one of the best absorbents of moisture and is chemically clean as the raw material is specially selected from the cotton fiber.

Importantly, they are USFDA approved and completely DMF free. They are made from natural cotton and can be cut and shaped according to the requirement easily. They provide a safe and dry atmosphere in the bottle or capsule that they are inserted in. Besides, another important factor is that they are biodegradable.

These cotton coils are available in different sizes that range between 9 grams to 26 grams per yard and have a weight tolerance level of +/- 15%. Generally, the size of the cotton coil that is needed for sufficient moisture protection is about 9 grams for a bottle size o0f 50 -75 cc, whereas bottles with a capacity of 120 – 200 cc need about 12 grams and sizes above this range about 16 grams of cotton coil protection.

It is for this reason that they come in a pre-determined cut size that can vary from 2” to 7” depending on the amount of pharmaceutical that needs to be packed efficiently. These puritan cotton coils are composed of natural pure 100% cotton fibers that can absorb about 22 times their weight and size of moisture if needed.

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