Molecular Sieve Pillow Pak

Molecular Sieve Pillow Pak

Molecular sieve desiccant has a larger surface area to adsorb moisture more effectively than silica gel and maintain the dryness inside the pharmaceutical packaging for longer. 

A molecular sieve is a powerful desiccant, having a strong adsorption capacity with moisture, oxygen, and other molecules smaller than the sieve's pore size. Thus, a molecular sieve in the form of a pillow pak is perfect for medication storage for longer protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

A molecular sieve pillow pak is a type of desiccant containing a molecular sieve, a highly adsorbent material used to remove moisture and other volatile compounds from a sealed environment.

Molecular sieve pillow pak has a high adsorption capacity, effectively removing moisture and other volatile compounds in various applications. They are also more selective than other desiccants, meaning they can target specific compounds for removal while leaving others untouched.

Molecular sieve pillow pak is commonly used in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and food industries to protect products from moisture and other volatile compounds. They are also used in electronics and other sensitive equipment where moisture can damage delicate components.

The recommended usage rate for molecular sieve pillow pak varies depending on the specific application and the environmental level of moisture or volatile compounds. It is best to consult with us to determine the optimal usage rate for your specific needs.

Yes, molecular sieve pillow pak can be regenerated and reused multiple times. The regeneration process involves heating the desiccant to a high temperature to remove the moisture and other volatile compounds it has adsorbed, leaving it ready for reuse.

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