Silica Gel With Activated Carbon Pillow Pak

Silica Gel With Activated Carbon Pillow Pak

Silica gel combined with activated carbon provides two different advantages: moisture control and odour control from the packaging. These desiccant packets can be used for medicines having pungent and dealing with moisture problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

A silica gel and carbon pillow pak is a desiccant packet that contains both silica gel and activated carbon. This combination provides both moisture and odour control, making it ideal for use in a variety of products.

The purpose of using a silica gel and carbon pillow pak is to control both moisture and odour. The silica gel absorbs moisture while the activated carbon absorbs any odours. This is especially useful for products that are sensitive to moisture or need to be protected from odours.

A silica gel and carbon pillow pak can be used in a wide variety of products, including food packaging, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, and more. Any product that needs to be protected from moisture and/or odours can benefit from the use of this type of desiccant.

The amount of silica gel and carbon pillow pak you need for your product will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your product, the level of moisture and odour control needed, and the length of time the product will be stored or shipped. It is best to consult with our expert to determine the appropriate amount of desiccant needed for your specific application.

To use a silica gel and carbon unit pak, simply place it inside the packaging with your product. The packet will begin to absorb moisture and odours immediately. For best results, ensure that the packaging is airtight and that the desiccant packet is not damaged or punctured.

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