USFDA Approved and DMF free Desiccant Packets

USFDA Approved and DMF free Desiccant Packets

Sorbead India is a supplier of USFDA approved and DMF free desiccant packets in large sizes such as Unit PackDesiccant Unit Packs are available in different large unit sizes and packed in different packaging material. We supply Tyvek Paper packaging Unit Packs, Cotton and Polyester Cloths bags of unit packs which are non-woven and moisture protection and can be used for long periods. A unit refers to a Military Specification for packaging. It is the quantity of desiccant which will absorb a percentage of its weight at certain levels of moisture. For expediency, one unit is approximately equivalent to one ounce.

Different desiccants are used to fill the unit pack such as silica gel white beads, molecular sieve beads, activated carbon, and clay. Silica Gel Unit Paks are used in Pharmaceutical, Foods, Electronics, Textile, Freeze Dried, Agriculture and Stationery Industries where moisture and humidity control is very essential. They are available in different sizes like 1/6, 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 or 80 units and you can select the desired units.

Unit Packs offer drying applications for all sizes of packaging. These Unit Paks meet or exceed MIL Spec 3464, Type I – II. They can be used to pack 5-gallon pail (1/6-2 “unit”) or 30-gallon drum (1-80 “unit”).  Desiccant unit packs find a wide variety of applications in Rolled Steel, computers, aerospace, automobile parts, military equipment, crates, etc.

These Unit Paks are inexpensive and proficient desiccants. The desiccant packets will provide protection from moisture, mildew, mold & corrosion of the contents of a completely sealed container during storage and shipment. They range in size from very small to very large depending on your needs. When using the right amount of desiccants, the inside of a sealed container will be in the same condition as it was when originally packaged.

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