The Many Benefits Of Using Molecular Sieve Desiccant Strip For Medicine Packaging

The Many Benefits Of Using Molecular Sieve Desiccant Strip For Medicine Packaging

Molecular Sieve desiccant strips are high adsorbent or desiccant materials that are packaged in pouches, and usually available in a spool or strip format, which can be used effectively and for better advantage in the medicine packaging criteria. The porous and highly adsorbent material of the desiccant strip can be used to protect your medications from moisture damage when stored and transported. 

Desiccant strips absorb moisture from the air and create a dry environment that prevents mold and bacteria from growing and helps to extend the shelf life of the contents of the tabletsmedicinal pills, and other solid medications

If you're in a high-volume setting to manufacture or package high-volume medicinal products such as powders and pills, you can save time and money by automating the process of inserting dry packets of molecular sieve desiccant strip into the individual bottles or packs of medicines. This strip eliminates the need for manual insertion, so batch productivity increases greatly.

Key benefits of using molecular sieve desiccant strips for medicine packaging

?The molecular sieve desiccant strips are available in sizes from 0.25g to 10g, thus making it easier to cut and place the individual packets into medicine packaging according to your needs effectively. This is especially advantageous if you are working in a production line, as this saves a lot of time and effort by automating the process.

?The moisture in the air can cause the medication to deteriorate, lose their efficacy & potency, and become unstable and unusable. But when you use the molecular sieve desiccant bags, they can help protect the integrity of your medication by keeping it dry and away from the harmful effects of moisture, dust, heat, humidity, varying temperatures, and environmental conditions.

?Mold and bacteria can also grow on medications, making them unsafe to use and potentially leading to serious health issues, if they are exposed to changing moisture or humidity levels. Desiccant strips help prevent mold and bacteria growth by keeping the environment clean and dry, void of any moisture and humidity, thus helping arrest any bacterial growth during packaging, storage, and transit of the medicines.

?Desiccant strips are safe and easy to use, even if they are usually placed in the package with the drugs/medicines and do not need to be handled separately. They are also non-toxic and non-reactive in nature, and thus do not react with the medicinal contents of the packaging.

?Moisture can greatly reduce the shelf life of medicines as it impacts the quality of the medicines and their texture, and their potency. Molecular sieve uses help to prolong the life of medicines by drying them out and protecting them from damage caused due to moisture and humidity.

?Desiccant strips in spool or roll format, like pillow pak, are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution. They can help to reduce product waste and improve the quality of the medicine packaging effectively.

?Desiccant strips protect medicinal products from adverse environmental conditions by maintaining a stable and regulated microenvironment within the packaging, thereby safeguarding the medicines. Medicinal products are usually very sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and the presence of excessive moisture can result in the formation of clots, lumps, or the breakdown of the active ingredients found in medicines.

?Since the pharmaceutical industry is subject to some very stringent and exclusive quality control regulations and standards, it is important to protect the medicines and tablets to make sure they are compliant and potent for consumption. By using molecular sieve desiccant strip, you can make sure they follow all necessary regulations effectively.

How to use Molecular Sieve desiccant strip in medicine packaging?

The first step is to select the appropriate molecular sieve desiccant strip, like unit pak, based on your specific requirements. You need to consider the nature of the medicinal product that is packaged, the packaging materials, pillow pak, the contents are packed in, and the environmental conditions that may be prevalent. Molecular sieve desiccants come in various pore sizes, so select one that is suitable for the moisture levels of the medicinal product you are packaging.

You need to gauge how many unit pak you need depending on the size of your medicine packaging and how sensitive the contents or the product is to moisture and humidity changes.

Before placing the medicine into the packaging, ensure that the environment is clean and dry, as any moisture in the surroundings can compromise the effectiveness of the desiccant strips.

Place the desiccant strip packet, pillow pak, inside the medicine package/bottle/container with the medications. You need to place the desiccant strip packet in a location where it will not come into direct contact with the medications, towards the bottom of the container.

Once the strips are added to the packaging in place, make sure to seal the medicine packaging so that no moisture can get in, and protect the medicines effectively. Effective sealing of the packaging is crucial to maintaining the desired low-humidity environment, during storage and transit.

Once the strips are saturated, or reach their adsorbency potential, you need to keep an eye on them and replace them as needed. Depending on the environmental and humidity conditions and the specific desiccant material used, this may vary from a few months to years and can be regulated by frequent inspections. 

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