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Moisture Protection Solution For Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma Desiccants offer high-quality moisture, odour, oxygen and other solutions to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical packaging. We focus on manufacturing and supplying the best quality USFDA desiccants to enhance the performance and profits of pharmaceutical packaging companies. We work closely with you and ensure to design the right package that best fits your product.

Medicine packaging can be adversely get affected by moisture. It even affects the quality and appearance of the pharmaceutical intermediates and other pharma products, depending on the desiccant’s protection. It is always said that moisture is one of the most damaging forces in primary packaging. This can be one of the reasons why desiccants play a vital role in pharmaceutical packaging companies.

Products such as tablets and capsules are sensitive to moisture, bringing high risk within the pharmaceutical packaging and for patients consuming them. In tablets or API, the quality and texture may change, whereas capsules can stick together and form liquid due to moisture. Therefore, moisture protection solution for the pharmaceutical industry is significantly important for sustainable pharmaceutical packaging. This can only be possible by using proper moisture solutions.

Our moisture protection solution including pillow pak, unit pak, and canisters, eliminates the relative humidity, control odour and ensure proper quality & stability of the medicines. The desiccants have become a perfect companion for the primary packaging of healthcare products.

Pharmaceutical Desiccants moisture solutions are available in different variants, such as molecular sieves, activated carbon, calcium chloride, humidity indicating cards, canisters, oxygen scavengers, desiccant tablets, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Moisture can cause degradation, spoilage, or loss of potency in many types of pharmaceutical products, particularly those that are hygroscopic or sensitive to moisture. Moisture protection solutions help maintain these products' quality and shelf-life by removing excess moisture from the environment or packaging.

Some common moisture protection solutions used in the pharmaceutical industry include desiccants, humidity control systems, barrier materials, and moisture-resistant packaging. Each solution is designed to address specific moisture-related problems and can be used in conjunction with other solutions for optimal results.

The best moisture protection solution depends on various factors, including the type of products being packed, the level of moisture sensitivity, and the size and type of packaging used. Contact us to determine your specific application's most suitable product and amount.

When used correctly, moisture protection solutions do not affect the efficacy or safety of the products they protect. Therefore, using high-quality, reliable moisture protection solutions compatible with the product and packaging materials is important.

Many moisture protection solutions can be customized to meet individual products or applications' specific needs and requirements. This can include using specialized materials, adjusting the size or shape of the solution, or developing custom packaging solutions.

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