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Trusted Partner In Healthcare Packaging

Trusted Partner in Healthcare Packaging

Considering more than 26 years of experience in providing the broadest and most diversified spectrums of desiccants as primary packaging material in the pharmaceutical sector.

Over the years, we have been the solution provider to the nutraceutical, API and medical device industries. As a technical assistant for the selection of type & dosage of desiccant required for your product, look into all depending factors, including the pharma desiccants for adsorbing the moisture, humidity, odour and light from the packaging of the product in boxes, bottles, or large shipping containers.

All our solutions are passed through USFDA, EU standards, and 21 CFR. However, we ensure sustainable packaging with the Tyvek paper packaging of our desiccants. In addition, the factors that keep us ahead in the race is our service, on-time & error-free worldwide delivery and the assurance to provide our clients with solutions, when & for what they need.

Pharma Desiccants protect your products from

Moisture solution



Mold Solution



Odour Solution



Mildew Solution



Humidity indicating card



Corrosion solution



We believe in manufacturing and supplying a variety of desiccants widely used in food and pharmaceutical products with the help of powerful packaging technologies.

We do not leave a single door open for getting any disappointment from the clients and customers using our products. Our skilled and dedicated team of engineers works hard to bring the best possible pharmaceutical desiccants available in the form of desiccant tablets, packets & bags, which can be kept inside the product packaging or containers for dehydration.

The desiccants are highly efficient in maintaining the effectiveness of the end products during transportation and storage. In addition, they keep your products away from the damaging effects of moisture in packed food products, pharmaceutical tablets, and capsules.

No matter how long the journey of exporting the products from one location to another, a variety of desiccants manufactured by Pharma Desiccants ensures the best packaging solution to meet all demands of different applications such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, diagnostics kits, and medical devices. We very well know how to meet the specific product quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and follow the exclusive path to bring the desired outcome with our offered pharma desiccants and adsorbents.

Just trust our broad array of moisture-controlling solutions that come in bags, sachets, and packets to protect your products from any damage or spoilage due to moisture.

About Pharma Desiccants

We work closely with our clients and focus on providing the products that best fit their needs and maintain the performance of their products. If you want to get more information about our offered desiccants for your particular application or industry and other related services, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Pharmaceutical desiccant is the pharma department of Sorbead India that specializes in the manufacture and supply of desiccants for use in the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

We comply with regulatory requirements and standards, such as FDA regulations, ISO 15378, and cGMP guidelines. Therefore, you can ask us for documentation and certifications of compliance and quality, as well as their manufacturing processes and testing procedures.

The quality and effectiveness of desiccants can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the materials used. Choosing pharmaceutical desiccants will ensure you receive high-quality, reliable products suitable for your specific application.

Yes, we are the most reputable pharmaceutical desiccant supplier, and we offer samples of our products for testing and evaluation. This can help determine if a particular desiccant suits your application and requirements.
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