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Odour Controlling solutions for medicines

Pharmaceutical Desiccants offer odour control desiccants such as activated carbon in the form of pillow pak, unit pak, and canisters. We aim to manufacture the best odour control desiccants to be utilized in the primary packaging of healthcare products.

The pharmaceutical-grade odour control desiccants work effectively by removing the pungent smell from the top surface of the bottle when they are being packaged. They are placed into the packaging bottles as individual desiccants. All the materials used in manufacturing pillow pak are USFDA -approved.

Such odour control desiccants ensure that your medicines are safe from getting damaged by odour and help in retaining the product’s shelf-life for effective results. Furthermore, due to their high odour-prevention capacity, they are durable and provide better results.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Odour control is the process of removing or reducing unwanted odours that may be present in pharmaceutical packaging materials. This is important because some drugs may be sensitive to or affected by certain odours.

Odour control can be achieved through the use of odour-absorbing materials, such as activated carbon, which can be placed inside the packaging. Additionally, packaging materials may be selected for their low-odour profile or undergo special treatments to reduce odours.

Odour control is important in pharmaceutical packaging to ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs. Some drugs may be sensitive to certain odours, which could compromise their potency or effectiveness. Additionally, odours can be off-putting to patients, which may lead to non-compliance with medication regimens.

Pharmaceutical products that may require odour control in packaging include those that are sensitive to odours, such as certain antibiotics, vitamins, or probiotics. Additionally, products that may have a strong or unpleasant odour, such as herbal supplements or certain over-the-counter medications, may also benefit from odour control.

Yes, odour-absorbing materials, such as activated carbon, are generally considered safe for use in pharmaceutical packaging. These materials are often used in food packaging as well and are approved for use by regulatory agencies.

Consult with a packaging expert or regulatory agency to determine if your specific pharmaceutical product requires odour control in packaging. Factors such as the type of drug, its sensitivity to odours, and patient preferences may all play a role in determining the need for odour control.

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