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Testing Solution for active pharmaceutical packaging

Testing solutions for pharma are widely used for testing the presence of moisture in the tablet and capsule bottle packaging. Pharmaceutical Desiccants deliver Desiccant Tablets, DuPont Stain, and Calcium Chloride, the best testing desiccants for medical devices, medicines, and drugs. Thus, as a pharmaceutical industry manufacturer, “testing” is the key to ensuring the safety of healthcare products.

Benefits of the testing solutions with analytical and capability of supporting product’s quality control. We provide you with the best and most effective testing desiccants, which sets us as the effective solution provider apart from other testing solution providers.

Our testing solution desiccants deliver the best results by checking the moisture levels in the product packaging. Therefore, the products retain their quality for a longer time and ensure the safety of the bottle and blister packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Testing solutions in pharmaceutical packaging are analytical methods and techniques used to assess the quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products and packaging.

Testing solutions are essential in pharmaceutical packaging to ensure that the packaging and product meet quality, safety, and regulatory requirements. These tests also help to identify any defects or issues in the packaging that could affect the product's stability and efficacy.

There are various types of testing solutions in pharmaceutical packaging, including but not limited to stability testing, container-closure integrity testing, extractable and leachable testing, and transport simulation testing.

Stability testing is a type of testing solution used to determine the physical, chemical, and microbiological stability of pharmaceutical products during storage and distribution. It helps to identify any potential changes or degradation of the product over time.

MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) measures the rate of moisture vapour transmission through a material in a specific direction, while WVT (Water Vapour Transmission) measures the amount of water vapour that passes through a material in a given time under specific conditions. The key difference is that MVTR is a unidirectional measurement, while WVT is a bidirectional measurement.

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