Oxygen Protection Solution

Oxygen barriers for medicine bottles

Oxygen Protection Solutions prevent pharma products from getting exposed to oxidative degradation, to lose their efficiency. The presence of oxygen may result in colour change and odour generation in pharma products. Thus, a lack of efficacy will also reduce the product's shelf life.

Solutions such as oxygen scavengers and indicators work effectively to avoid oxidative degradation. They protect oxygen-sensitive medical devices and other products from oxidation. Ambient air contains 21% oxygen, enabling aerobic organisms' faster proliferation. Therefore, the oxygen protection solutions are perfect for keeping the primary packaging oxygen-free.

Oxygen scavengers and oxygen indicators can potentially eliminate the proliferation of aerobic organisms and enhance the product's shelf life for longer. Oxygen protection solutions are passed through USFDA, 21 CFR and EU standards. Thus, these solutions reduce the need for additives and vacuum packaging and help prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

No, oxygen absorbers cannot be reused. Once they have absorbed oxygen, they become inactive and must be disposed of.

You can use O2 (oxygen) packets in tablet and capsule bottles by placing them inside the bottle before sealing. The O2 packets will help to reduce the amount of oxygen inside the bottle, which can extend the shelf life of the products by reducing the oxidation and degradation of the active ingredients.

Oxygen protection solutions are methods or products designed to reduce or eliminate the amount of oxygen exposure that a product receives during storage or transportation. This is particularly important for products such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and electronics that can be damaged by exposure to oxygen.

Yes, it is generally safe to use O2 protection solutions, as long as they are used according to the manufacturer's instructions. O2 protection solutions are designed to help protect products from degradation and spoilage, which can help to ensure their quality and safety.

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