Pharma Desiccant


From last several years, Sorbead India emphasizes on providing the best possible moisture protection to the medical drugs and devices packaging.

Our team works hard and put all efforts in manufacturing variety of desiccants and adsorbents material which are especially used for the healthcare packaging industry. Our main aim is to give high level of protection to the healthcare drugs, medical equipment, medical diagnostics kits and other products related to pharmaceutical industry from the moisture and humidity.

Pharma Desiccant

Basically, desiccants are used to adsorb the water vapor and help the products to maintain their effectiveness within the package.

Sorbead India ensures to offer highly safe solution for your products which are being transported or stored in the different types of packaging.

Our different range of desiccant packets includes silica gel packets, activated carbon packets, molecular sieve packets, clay desiccant packets etc. They are available in large bags and sachets which are used in bulk quantity to adsorb moisture from large storage area. Our offered desiccants can also be used in other industries such as food, electronics, agriculture, military, automotive etc.

It is very obvious that every pharmaceutical manufacturer has to face the challenges to maintain the drug potency when they are being stored in the large containers or transported through different modes to cover large distances such as shipping, air, truck or train. The desiccants for healthcare industry have all solution for the moisture related problems. Just use the most suitable desiccant and keep your mind stress-free and enjoy enhancing your business reputation when your customers get the products what exactly they are looking for.

We are always available to help you in selecting the right desiccant based on your application and product packaging. You are free to contact us anytime for the right solution.

Pharma Desiccant