Damage Solution

Damage solution for tablets and capsules

Pharmaceutical desiccants provide the best damage solutions to the healthcare industry. Damages to products like tablets and capsules can raise the risk of losing the efficiency and quality of the medicines. Thus, for the same, we have come up with pharmaceutical damage control coils and foam plugs for pharma bottle to prevent the most severe damage in the medicine packaging.

Damage solutions act as the protecting barriers in the headspace of the tablet and capsule bottles. Product damage mainly occurs during shipping when the products need to be properly packaged. The empty headspace of bottles is the major problem for tablets and capsules to break down into small pieces or form powder. This increases the utilization of damage solutions in the healthcare industry.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Damage solutions for pharmaceutical packaging refer to products or methods used to prevent damage to pharmaceutical products during storage, transportation, and handling.

Pharmaceutical companies can ensure that their products are properly packaged for transit by conducting thorough testing and validation of their packaging materials and methods. This may include conducting stability testing under various transportation and storage conditions.

Mechanical or Physical damage of tablets or capsules refers to the phenomenon of pharmaceutical products becoming damaged due to physical force or impact.

mechanical or physical damage to tablets or capsules can be caused by several factors, including improper handling or storage, exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity, and impact or pressure during transportation.

mechanical or physical damage to tablets or capsules can be prevented by using appropriate packaging materials, such as shock-absorbing materials, and by ensuring proper handling and storage during transportation.

Common types of packaging used to prevent physical damage to tablets or capsules include padded envelopes, bubble wrap, foam inserts, and other shock-absorbing materials.

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